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Camping Tips and Guides for New Campers

If you’re new to camping, there are a lot of things that you’d need to know to ensure you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Not because you’re physically and mentally ready to go out, you can climb the mountains and camp. There’s actually more about camping that you’d need to be aware of.

pexels-photo-30915If you’re new to camping, it’s always a good practice to buy your own set of equipment and supplies. As we know, there are always chances even for brand new items to have some faults and defects. Therefore, examine closely your camping gears to ensure they’re ready for use when you get to the site.

After you’re done checking your camping gear, take the time to pitch your tent. You can either do it at home or in a local field. That way, you’ll get an idea of some faults that may need to be addressed. Also, this will be sort of a practice on how you can set things up.


Take time to list down the necessary items you need in the campsite. Make sure they are the most important ones as you also won’t want to travel with a very heavy backpack. Even the most experienced campers make a checklist of the things that they need to bring to avoid forgetting anything.

Just like going to festivals or wild camps, there are some relevant rules that you’d need to take note. Most importantly, make sure all your tools are compliant.

Important Gears & Tools You Need for Hiking & Camping


For any outdoor activity, an experienced camper or hiker would always have two words to say to a beginner. That’s to PREPARE and KEEP SAFE. Preparing means having the necessary equipment and supplies. This is because missing an important tool may make an overall difference in a camper or hiker’s overall fun and experience.

Before you go out, tell someone of your plans. You may, for example, give them some details on where you’re planning to go and when you’re expecting to return. If they’re not familiar with the location, give them directions.

Provide your cellphone number to someone who’s not going out with you. If possible, also provide information about your vehicle and the handheld radio channel or codes that you’ll be using. You may likewise give the numbers of the local authority for the area that you’ll be staying.